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The lovely island of Menorca has been home to indigenous lavender for more than 3000 years .
In Menorca today lavender continues to grow and thrive but with a difference.
At Lavanda Menorca we carefully choose the varieties of lavender that we grow  – selected specifically for vibrant colour and intense aroma.
With the result that the beautiful lavender sachets we produce are fresh and fragrant

Perfect memories of Menorca.

About Lavender

Lavandula -there are 47 varieties of what is  commonly known as lavender.
Grown worldwide but particularly known in the mediterranean countries as it requires well drained sandy soil, little water and lots of sun.
Well documented for thousands of years – the ancient greeks named it ‘nard’ after the syrian  city of Naarda and it was recorded as one of the holy herbs in the song of solomaon.
Introduced into england in the 1600’s  –  queen elizabeth i  favoured it as jam and it was used widely in teas and  medicine.  For hundreds of years french lambs were grazed on lavender  to make them tender although it was not popular in french cuisine until the 1900’s
Known for it’s intense aroma and vibrant colour as well as for it’s culinary and medicinal qualities – lavender today is enjoying great popularity in all its many forms.


At Lavanda Menorca we are very aware of the value attached to growing our lavender in natural conditions.
Everything we do from preparing the land, planting, watering, picking, and pruning is done by hand – many hands ! Truly a family affair.
We do not use any fertilizers or chemical control of any description.
The only threat to lavender is the rosemary beetle which we are on the look out for – and capture in a jam jar if found.
We are  really happy to let  the wildlife  live happily  side by side with our lavender – most notably the   huge number of bees .
The harvesting of our lavender, the drying, processing and  making of our lavender sachets is also done by hand. The result is a completely natural product retaining it’s vibrant colour and intense aroma.

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